Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today i went to my district 7350 interviews in Lewistown. I met with the inbound students who are in Pennsylvania from all around the world. After that, i proceeded to go into three separate rooms, with three interviewers in each. The interviews went very well and i am happy. I should know by Friday if i am accepted into the program or not, but wont find out until February where i would be going.


  1. Yay! :) I'm excited that I will probably be at home on break when you get your letter! See you Tuesday!

  2. Hi Jared,

    Congratulation for taking the first steps for becoming an exchange student. :)

    My name is Oscar Carlsson and I'm the founder of Exchange Student World. I was wondering if you want to be on our blog page? It's pretty cool because all visitors will get to know you a bit through an small mail-interview.

    See here:

    I hope Rotary will accept you. If you want to please add me on MSN and we can talk more about Exchange.


    Best regards
    Oscar - Exchange Student World