Monday, August 23, 2010

I am here. One week complete.

Hello all, tis Jared again. If you do not know, i am now in Germany and have been for about a week. Shall i give you a timeline? I think i shall.

Saturday August 14:
- Boarded my flight at New York's JFK International Airport.

Sunday August 15:
- 7:00 GMT Landed at Heathrow International Airport and went through security (UGH) again , but this time i was not patted down like at JFK  :) . So yes, i only had about a 15 minute wait  so that was good when i boarded my plane to Hamburg.
Heathrow Airport.

- 10:20 GMT -1 : Landed at Hamburg and proceeded through what might possibly be the easiest customs in the world... and met up with my Gastfamilien.

- When i arrived at my host house, we had a meal. Now, me being dissoriented from the time and change and also forgetting that the Germans eat their main sit down meal at noon, I assumed it was 5:00 :)  However, it was only 12 :)  So , i then started talking about first night questions and giving out my host gifts ( which i had planned to do that night as a Surprise type of thing.... but yeh That idea was blown.

- Then we went to a Maislabrynth or in English " Corn Maze " in the local town of Dellingsdorf.

August 16th- 
Woke up really early because i went to bed at  6  :)  I did not do much today, but i went shopping with my host mom. To Aldi, which if you dont know is kind of an amazing store. Also, Famila is also sehr gut. We brought Bratwustschnecke which is bratwurst shaped like a snail, and you can eat it wth Brotchen ( bread) and Senf ( mustard) and it schmeckt mir gut.

August 17-  Today, was another shopping day in town and also a tour. Also, i applied for my residency permit and that is going to Bad Oldesloe to be approved , so yeh..... gut tag

August 18- Today not much again, but that night we went to a Greek restaurant in town to get together with host grandpa on the fathers side to see my host sister before she left for Pennsylvania. 

August 19th- This day we took my host sister to the Airport so she could fly to the great state of PA to be an exchange student near Scranton in coal cracker country. and after that in the night we went to see a open air theater play of Karl May's book Halbblut. It is about cowboys and indians in American and people over here really like that stuff.  

The rest of the Weekend, was good we had my host brothers birthday party with a full fledged soccer tournament for the kids and yeh it was fun.

and too wrap things up . Today was my first day of school. it was only two hours because it was the first day and yeh, i was sort of confused but some nice people in my class, which is made up of all girls except two guys , me being one of them. Yes, i think i will liek the school system much better. So much more free.

Okay well i am tired and i think that i am going to bed now so Tschuss :) 

Jared Flick

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