Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I will be going to GERMANY!!!!!!

Now all that i have to do is sit here in PA and wait until i receive my gaurantee forms back!


  1. Congratulations on DEUTSCHLAND! You are going to have quite a year! Germany is wunderbar! Keep your blog updated. I'M curious to see where you end up. good luck with the coming year. it will change your life! While you wait... LEARN AS MUCH GERMAN AS YOU CAN... really- it will pay off!!!

  2. Yaaay, congratulations Jared! Germany is an amazing Country, or as they say im Deutschland: Deutschland ist sehr wunderbar!! ;) Make sure you visit Berlin during your year,that city is totally awesome! If you like you can follow my blog ( and practice some Swedish hahha! ;D See you soon! Hugs from your Swedish friend Julia :3

  3. Congrats! On Germany. I am going to Germany too with CBYX. BTW I am from CS. Feel free to check out my blog...warning it is a bit boring as of right now. Tschuss.