Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mein Stadt!

I've finally decided to make the official "I know where and when i am going post" (even though i have known for about a week)

On the week of August 14th i will get on an airplane and fly across the Atlantic Ocean and arrive in ( i don't know yet) possibly Munich or Berlin or Frankfurt and then fly to my new hometown for a year. Where i will have two host families throughout the year. This new town is a suburb of a port town in the way north of Germany, almost to Denmark . This town is named Ahrensburg and it is a suburb of Hamburg.

My first host family lives near the center of Ahrensburg in a quaint house. The family consists of 5 people and a cat who is 13 years old. They have a daughter who will be an exchange student next year to the US so i will not meet her. They have two sons (15) and (9) and the father is a private events manager and the wife works with the father.. I will be attedning the Stormarnschule it is near the center of twown. It is a gymnasium which is the highest level of German schools.
So yeah that is about it. Ich werde in Deutsch schreiben. Tschuss Tschuss. Auf wiedersehen. und Frohe Ostern alles!

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